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Both midwives are great & so is Gina! Each visit they were supportive, caring, compassionate & informative. We will be coming back with our second baby (not for a few years though 😂). We had an AMAZING birth experience & owe it all to Freya & Barbara for everything they did throughout it. ❤️
— Mallory N

Andrea was amazing during my labor and after birth. She was super supportive and calming throughout my entire labor, and encouraging beyond words. She made me feel at ease and was the person I trusted most throughout my birth. She made sure I was eating and drinking to keep my energy levels up because I kept forgetting to do so. I had complications after delivery that had me scared beyond all belief but she was a saving grace during the scary moments. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a midwife who cares about her moms and their babies.
— Alexis W.

The moment I met Andrea (while in my second pregnancy) I was struck by her peaceful demeanor. I instantly felt connected with her. I enjoyed watching, from a distance, her working her way through Midwifery training. During my third pregnancy I had the opportunity to see her at the majority of my appointments. It was something I always looked forward to. She has a way of making you feel comfortable like you’re hanging out with a close friend. I had the privilege of having her attend my daughters birth and she truly helped carry me through. Her quiet strength, calm presence, and reassuring smile was so valued. Not only is she a knowledgeable health care professional but her passion for woman is apparent in the utmost respect and thoughtfulness she shows. She is truly a gift to Midwifery!
— Rebecca B.


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Andrea delivered 3 babies during hurricane Irma, ours being the 3rd! We had federal BCBS insurance and it covered pre-natal, birth, and post visits! Andrea is the BEST! it feels like a family reunion every time we go in for a check up.
— Joanna T

Having Andrea as a part of my birth team was amazing. She was incredibly patient during our prenatal appts. while my husband and I asked every “first time parent” question you could think of and provided invaluable support during labor, reminding me that my body was made to do this, and that she was there to help if ever I needed it. I was able to bring Claire into the world knowing that we were both being cared for as if we were family and she’ll always have a special place in our hearts.
— Kristin E.

I was thrilled to find Gentle Journey Midwives! The office staff that were incredibly knowledgeable, open-minded and friendly! Not once did I feel my questions were frowned upon… and I asked some pretty crazy ones! I always felt welcome when I walked through the door.

The day our baby was born, I was incredibly well cared for and all the knowledge and classes I had gleaned through Gentle Journey came in handy! The facility itself was perfect especially during birth. From couch, to birth ball, to bathtub, to bed, the facility was easy to move in and felt homey and clean. I think I gave their hot water heater a good workout too, but not once did anyone bring any negativity into my labor. During delivery, the baby and I were the main focus and the midwives positioned me to best birth the baby in the least stressful way for baby. Monitoring was top notch, and aftercare was fantastic. They care about the health and well being of mom as well as baby even weeks after birth including teaching my husband about the signs of PPD/PPA.

I would recommend Gentle Journey to anyone looking for a place for healthy, low-risk birthing. They empowered me to reach my goals, I had no idea I could be that strong. I’m actually really excited for my next pregnancy and cannot wait to return.
— Keely S

I had the best birthing experience with my daughter this past April thanks to the midwives and their compassion. Even though I began care with them later on into my pregnancy, the staff was able to quickly work me in and I felt like family in no time. Having care at the birth center was so empowering, giving my husband and I the opportunity to make our own decisions regarding what we wanted at our birth. Thank you Freya, Andrea, and Barbara for such an amazing birthing team, and Gina for being the most helpful and friendly receptionist around! I will never stop recommending them (or natural birth for that matter)! 💕
— Brittany Y

I definitely recommend this birthing center. Both midwives show compassion and truly care for both mother and baby. The visits aren’t rushed like at a regular doctors office. When it was time for my actual delivery there was a significant amount of meconium when my water broke. Due to this we had to go to the hospital. Andrea was awesome. She was very supportive and went with us to the hospital. Although my delivery didn’t go as planned both I and my baby are healthy. I wouldn’t have changed anything and I will definitely be having any future children with them.
— Charity W