Pre-Pregnancy Counseling


The decision to get pregnant is an important one for anyone.

The significance of health prior to pregnancy has become increasingly recognized. Ideally, it’s best to meet with a midwife before you get pregnant for preconception counseling or pregnancy planning. During this time the midwife will discuss your pregnancy plan and address any issues or concerns you may have. The midwife can help you optimize your physical and emotional health and pave the way for a healthy, happy pregnancy prior to conceiving.

 The midwife can help you understand some health conditions or risk factors that could affect your baby during pregnancy. Diet, bad habits, medications and medical conditions can all have an impact on a baby, even before they are conceived. The midwife can also answer questions and concerns surrounding prenatal visits, labor, delivery and postpartum care.

Preconception care and counseling includes:

  • Fertility awareness counseling

  • Education on controlling bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices

  • Assessment of risks concerning pregnancy and birth 

  • Dietary assessment

  • Assessment of vitamins and supplements

  • Discussion on exercise and fitness

  • Education on stress relief techniques

As soon as you start thinking about getting pregnant, schedule a visit for preconception counseling with a midwife at our lovely birthing center!

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