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What is covered in a consultation?

Consultations are an obligation free appointment for you to meet one or more of our midwives and tour our birthing center. During this time we discuss your options for birthing with us whether that is a home birth, birth center birth, water birth, or support in the hospital alongside prenatal care. This time is reserved so you can ask questions and get answers, get to know us and share a bit about yourself, and tour the birth center. We adore meeting your birth support team, friends, family and partners. Please feel free to bring anyone who may be deeply involved with you during this special time in your life.


  1. Midwifery care and how it differs from traditional OB care

  2. Your birthing options and how they differ from hospital birth

  3. What to expect during your care with us

  4. Any questions you have about your health or whether or not you are considered low-risk

  5. Your hopes and desires for this pregnancy and birth

  6. Whether midwifery care is a good option for you

  7. The services we provide

  8. Financial considerations

Consultations are held weekly and generally last 45 minutes to 1 hour. We allow plenty of time for you and your family to express any concerns you may have and have your questions answered by a knowledgeable professional. This time is intended to help you decide if your needs and desires for your pregnancy match the type of care that we can provide. 

Preparing for Consultations

Though not required, some advance thought and preparation can help us make sure your consultation meets all of your needs. Helpful information might include:

  • Your insurance information

  • A list of questions you and your family have (it can be hard to remember to ask all of your questions during the appointment, so having a list prepared in advance is helpful) 

  • A general idea of what is important to you concerning your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

  • Information about any health condition you might have and/or medications you are currently taking

Transferring Care Mid-Pregnancy

It's never too late to to have a care provider that supports you and your needs. Gentle Journey Midwifery and Birth Center is happy to accept transfers into our practice from other care providers (midwives and obstetricians) on a case-by-case basis. We understand that situations may arise during pregnancy which may cause the need to seek out another care provider and we are happy to offer midwifery care to clients who desire our services! Feel free to contact us and schedule a free consultation to talk about transferring care to us!

*Note: If you are transferring care late in your pregnancy please attempt to request your current pregnancy’s medical records prior to your consultation with us. This allows us to see your lab work, pregnancy history and previous prenatal visits so that we can better advise you during your consultation as to whether transferring into our care is a good option for you. Records must be received in advance of official acceptance into care and your first visit. 

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