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Call or text:   (352) 372-4784 Serving Gainesville and surrounding areas.

Our beautiful freestanding three story birth center and historic home built in 1904, dubbed "The Colson House," is cozily located in Gainesville's Bed and Breakfast district; just a short distance from other historic homes and UF Shands Hospital.  Our amazing birth center is complete with all the luxuries of a high end spa, including a breath taking birth tub! We provide client driven care with birthing options for parents-to-be who desire a natural childbirth experience. Our licensed and fully insured midwives are the primary care providers.  Our birth team has a close working relationship with local medical professionals should a need arise.  

Besides offering a beautiful and safe place to deliver your baby we offer many services including  preconception counseling, prenatal care, childbirth education, breastfeeding classes, postpartum care and support.   Our main birth suite boasts soft lighting and a queen sized bed, with plenty of room for your support person, a luxurious birth tub, and access to a full kitchen.  Families are encouraged to personalize the room by bringing pictures, flameless candles or essential oil diffusers, or by turning up the tunes.  We value your privacy and provide private rooms for laboring clients.  The adjacent waiting room is equipped with a television, a rocking chair, and couches for family and friends, as well as a closet full of family games, movies, and coloring books for all ages.

Within safe limits, you can walk around and be as active as you like, wear what you want, and give birth in whatever position feels most comfortable.  You even get to eat and drink during and after labor.

Our families stay together! At our birthing center,  unless there is a need for emergency care, your baby won’t be whisked off to another room after the birth.  Family and friends won’t be sent away either — unless you want them to be.  Everything — from preventative care to baby's first checkup — happens in the birthing suite.

Statistics show the rate of C-sections for women who chose a birth center to deliver is 6% (*compared to 26% for similar low-risk women in hospitals). 

*Shands rate in '14 was 34.58%