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Call or text:   (352) 372-4784 Serving Gainesville and surrounding areas.

We have a midwife who serves the gainesville, Ocala, and surrounding areas

we believe...

...each pregnancy and birth is a unique and individualized experience.  every client will receive evidence-based, holistic care from a licensed midwife

Your birth, your choice! Centuries before obstetricians were delivering babies in hospitals, midwives attended to women as they gave birth to their children at home. When people hear the word "Midwife" they might picture old hippy women in aprons demanding warm towels and telling fathers to go boil water. Today's midwives are well-educated, knowledgeable professionals who are trained to provide comprehensive prenatal, delivery and postpartum care who also acknowledge and respect the views and practices of those who came before them. They are trained to recognize and treat complications, but also know when a hospital is necessary. 

We are living in a time when we hear and read about empowerment for women. However, it seems that birth has been left out of the movement. As a midwife, I am here to help you educate yourself and build a supportive team. I will help you prepare physically and mentally for the birth you want, because together we can accomplish anything as women!

Care from a midwife includes...